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Tagonoura Beya Capital Supporter's Association

First Clause(Establishment of Title and Office)

This association will assume the title of "Tosinkai" and establish it's main office at the following address: 東京都墨田区緑1-21-10

Second Clause(Aims)

The goals of this association are as follows:

  1. To contribute to developing the orospecrity of Tagonoura Beya wrestlers of ther Japanese National Sumo Association.
  2. To provide physical and spiritual support for affliated wrestlers.
  3. To provide encouragement for affliated wrestlers.
  4. To unite with and deepen interpersonal exchange with affliated wrestlers.

Third Clause(Office Matters)

This association shal manage te following office work and shall be in change of the participation qualifications of each member.

  1. Implementation of pep rallies, celebrations for the final day of a tournament.
  2. Distribution of fanclubperks to new memebers.
  3. Support for additionnal matters concering the management of the Tagonoura Beya fan club.

Fourth Clause(Organization)

This association's members will be formed into juridica members and individual members.

Fifth Clase(Officers and Coordinators)

This association's officers and coordinators will nominated and decided by the Board of Directors from within juridical and individual members.

Sixth Clause(Capacity of Board of Directors and Officers)

The Directors and Coordinators shall be composed of more than two people.

Seventh Clause(Term of Coordinators and Officers)

For all honorany positions of the Coordinators and fan club Officers, the term of the office shall be two year period, beginning on the Arpil 1st each year and ending two years later on March 31st. The fan club President and Officers shall be nominated by the Board of Directors.

Eighth Clause(Entry Qualifications)

To qualify for membership, one must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Those who agree with the regulations of this association.
  2. Those who are not affliated with or have an anti-social influence.

Ninth Clause(Entry Fee)

The entry fee for the fan club is as written below. Applicants may apply individually or as a group.

  • Juridical Membership
  • One Share  ¥100,000

Tenth Clause(Withdrawal)

Withdrawal from membership to this association will be recgonized after the appropriate withdrawal form(s) have been submitted. In the case that a form is not submitted, membership will be automatically renewed. Furthermore previously paid fees shall not be reimbursed.

Eleventh Clause(Payment)

The regulations for payment are as written below, with the responsible accountant taking charge for the management of finances.

  • This association shall manage fees and contributions.
  • Payment shall be caculated yearly, from Arpil 1st until the following March 31st.
  • The fees and contributions collected by this association shall go towards the following:
    1. Fan club management
    2. Fan club associated expenses
    3. Fan club office management fee
    4. Accrued expenses for the preservation and management of Tagonoura Beya
    5. Other applicable costs

Twelfth Clause(Changes and Revisions to Regulations)

Changes and revisions to regulations shall be decided by the Board of Directors and reported on the homepage.

Thirteenth Clause(Fan CLub Office)

The fan club office shall be established at the address below, be under the responsibility of the head of the secretariat, and serve as an office for a select number of staff as necessary.

Fourteenth Clause(Additionnal Matters)

This is within the discretion of association to decided to fire the relavant members according to the announcement of appropriate authorrities that a amember has fulfilles any of the following:

  • A member has violated the regulations of this association and/or has considerably hurt the name or trust of this association.
  • A member has committed a crime and/or has fallen under suspicion and lots societal trust.
  • In accordance with the aforementioned regulations, a member has acted in such a way as to cause considerable injury or harm to the reputation of this association of affliated members.